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My name's Kayla, I'm 21, and I wear my sassy pants everyday. ISFP


Am I ready for fall or a fell-asleep-at-3-woke-up-at-5:30 disaster?


It’s 2:42am help I’m supposed to be awake at 5:30am oh my god.

I’m gonna drink so much coffee today.


Regretting that coffee now. Gotta drive my brother to campus early in the morn so he can make it to his 7:45am class. I don’t have class til 10:55am, but that’s okay. Gives me time to draft an outline for a paper. Then after that class I’m sitting at a table at the club fair for a club I’m not even an officer of anymore but no one else can make it, so why not? I’m just that nice apparently. Then a 3:40-5:45pm class and the day is done. I think my schedule’s bearable. Classes are good. I’m a little nervous about some projects in the future, but that’s okay. I’m supposed to be challenged.

SB and I haven’t really had time to ourselves lately. Like just us. Yeah, we’ll hang out with our friends, but it’s not the same. It’s not damaging our relationship, but I definitely miss going out on dates every now and then. Work kept me so busy during the summer and now we have school. Eh. It happens.


I thought making a study playlist of my favorite soundtrack pieces would be great but “Harry’s Wondrous World” just came on and I need to write about this because I’m having intense flashbacks of when I would watch Sorcerer’s Stone over and over again on DVD and imagine myself in Hogwarts and just oh gosh I want to be a kid again.

That’s the magic of Harry Potter to me. Being so engrossed in the stories at that age (and growing up with it) hold a special place even though now I can look back at the content, read between the lines, and say, “Yo that’s fucked up and problematic what is going on here??” 

But whenever I hear the soundtrack from the movies, all I can feel is nostalgia and longing for a time when my imagination was so innocently blissful and active. 


Finding birthday gifts for my best friends is hard because I literally want to buy everything they want but my bank account is like, “You can’t even afford stuff you need right now, so NO.” 


SO THIS IS REALLY BELATED but one tipsy night a while ago I asked people for doodle suggestions and suicoooo asked for a Suicune and this is the best I could do on an iPad and WELP here ya go! SORRY IT’S SO LATE. I have a few other doodle suggestions waiting to be drawn and I’ll get to them as soon as I have a free night to be tipsy and artsy. :D


All good. I’m home.


Recently I reached 1,234 followers!! In celebration, I’d like to do a Q&A video for y’all. Thing is…I need some questions. Please feel free to leave questions here or send me a message!






My boyfriend and I took the same “Which ‘Parks & Recreation’ Character are You?” quiz.

He got Ben Wyatt.

I got Leslie Knope.




I went to Admiralty and Mong Kok tonight, so proud of everyone being so polite, peaceful and generous (at least from what I can see).


I’m gonna go on a run. Maybe. No I will. Eventually.



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It’s 2:09am and I can’t sleep. I’m thinking about how my parents didn’t think I was listening when they fought. They thought I didn’t hear the yelling matches about irresponsibility, money, and regret. I heard everything and the words echo in my mind at the worst times.

Parents, your kids are very observant. Please take note. They may even pretend to not hear so you don’t have to worry about explaining things.

Fuckin A


My planner’s probably prettier than yours


Totes not staged pic of twinkleofafadingstar and I studying. Totes. Not staged. Obvs.